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About Us

We may be small but our aim is to stand loud and tall amongst the myriad of Australian book publishers.

Our motto is simple: To transform words into beautiful books.

Our logo is meaningful: The dragonfly symbolises transformation, adaptability and growth.

We specialise in books that challenge the mind, skew the lens through which the world is viewed, and deliver messages of decency, acceptance, adaptability and growth. Contemporary fiction and poetry are what we know best, but we are open to any voice, any message.

We publish authors whose voices might otherwise be left unheard; whose words may not conform to the norm but have a place and purpose in readers' lives. We hold their hands on their publishing journey, regaling in the shared experiences; truly honoured to take the journey with them.

We have been blessed to have many creatives at our disposal who provide expertise and a delicate touch to all that we do. We’ve grown our wings and are here to help others do the same with their amazing books.

Our journey may just be starting, but we are on our way to staking our claim as a publisher with big aspirations and a huge heart.

Lisa & Rebekah

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